Friday, 3 August 2012

Black & White Flourish Card

The Black & White Flourish card was the card we made in last weeks class.
Below are all the materials that we used which can be purchased from our online shop also the instructions that you need if you would like to have a go at making this card yourself.

Materials & Products used:
  • Cheery Lynn Large Fanciful Floral Flourish Die
  • Nellie Snellen Floral punch & embosser set
  • Black glitter card 1 x A4 sheet
  • White Pearl card 1 x A4 sheet
  • 1 metre of black organza ribbon
  • Large pin with pearl on the end
  • Black Gems or Rhinestones
  • Pricking tool & mat
  • Tim Holtz ruler
  • Black Sakura gel pen
To make the card:

Step 1 - Using a gilotene, take your sheet of white pearl card, and cut it to measure 14.5cm wide & 20cm long.
Then take the sheet of black glitter card, and cut it to measure 15cm wide & 20.5cm long.

Step 2 - Using the Cheery Lynn flourish die, pop it through your die cutting machine, along with the white pearl card that you have cut to size.  The flourish that you have cut out can be used for another card.

Step 3 - Using your pricking tool, mat & ruler, prick holes all around the edge of the white pearl card about 0.5cm apart and then join together using a black pen.

Step 4 - Using the black organza ribbbon, we will now make the bow.  With the ribbon measuring  approx 25cm, in your left hand pinch the end with your thumb and forefinger so the remainder of the ribbon is pointiing towards the floor, bring the long piece up and over to make a small circle.  Bringing the ribbon down towards the floor again just past the first circle make a small loop, continue the ribbon up to the top to make another loop and bring the ribbon back down so it sits behind in the middle.
If you cut a 6cm piece of black organza ribbon, and starting from the middle at the front, wrap it around so it holds the bow in place, the end of the ribbon needs to finish at the back of the bow.
Now take your long pin, and push it into the ribbon from the top, out to the back and back in and out through the bottom, the holds the bow secure, and it is now complete.

Step 5 - Now attach the bow to the white pearl card by pushing the pin through at the top left hand corner.

Step 6 - Using silicon glue you can now stick the white pearl card to the black glitter card.  ( Silicon is the best glue to use as to ensure it sticks to the glitter card.

Step 7 - Using the Nellie Snellen Floral punch & embosser set, and your leftover piece of white pearl card you will need to puch out and emboss 15 flowers.  Once you have embossed the flowers they now need to be shaped, using a pair of tweezers shape the petals down to your own taste.

Step 8 - There are five flowers in total, and you need three flowers per flower.  The flowers can be stuck to gether using a wet glue, alternate the petals as you stick each of the three flowers together to make your first, repeat this process to make all five flowers.  Place on of the black gems in the middle of each of your flowers.

Step 9 - When you are happy with your flowers you can now attach them to your card topper using silicon glue.

Step 10 - Taking an A5 card blank and your gilotene, 13cm needs to be cut off to leave a 2cm strip, (we do this because otherwise the card would topple over as it would be too heavy), to this strip we will attach the topper you have just made using silicon glue, this will make the card.

Step 11 - All that's left to do is to attach an insert with a greeting of your choice.

Happy Card making....................if you require any further instructions or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.


  1. It is a beautiful card! i will have a go at this over the weekend! thank you!

  2. Gorgeous card and I loved visiting your shop Bhanu.
    Teresa x

  3. Love your card Bhanu - very classy, clean and chic!!! I also love your shop - although my Credit Card is weeping as I type. Can't wait for my new Spellbinders!!

    Hugs Sue Pass xxx